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The Office of Eternal Collections

by Dakota Jackson The Office of Eternal Collections—better referred to as purgatory, both literally and figuratively, especially to Luci—is becoming quite hectic these days. As the head of the Decisions Department, Luci, (known in his past first as Lucian and later as Lucifer), is in charge of the recently deceased….


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Through Loved Ones Eyes

By Joanne Eskreis Voices spoken to us through their love Echoing from the heavens above Sounding laughter from within their tears Envelop us through all our fears. Reaching out through the never ending sky Comforting us whenever we cry This is where true comfort lies Hearing voices from heaven through…



Love For My Daughter

By Joanne Eskreis I have to let you know how you look to me right now, holding and rocking you; you are so tiny. I watch you sleep peacefully, no movement other than sucking and the sudden jerks as you go deeper into sleep, while letting out a soft moan….



He Sleeps

By Joanne Eskreis He sleeps…. Ever so quiet, so still Like a river without a breeze Birds resting quietly Among the stillness within the trees. I watch him, I feel his peace I study the features of his face. Gently, softly touching his body Waiting to feel his strong embrace….